There is more to be in life…..

There is more to life than running after someone like crazy monkey

There is more to life than person who walked away from your life

There is more to life than chasing after someone who don’t want u

There is more to life than waiting stupidly for someone SMS

There is more to be in life rather than those thing! My friend! 

You can act crazy as much as u really do feel crazy

You can laugh as much as ur stomach pain

You can smile as much as u grow more wrinkles

You can fly high as much as u want 

You can find urself within those things

There is more to be in life rather than those things! My friend! 

In all…. there is you

Learning how to love urself as day by day

Gaining strength to challenge for any circumstances

Learning how to respect urself and ur value

Loosing ur weakness In order face new things!!! 


Love stage 

This is the post excerpt.

post The beauty of sunrise is what everyone want to see in the early morning whereas 

love is almost similar as it. The initial level of love is like sunrise which is so beautiful and cherishable. 

The wave of the water at beach side is like the second stage of love. The wave seem so nice and flexible as well as it is too strong in nature whereas people say love is flawless and unconditional but love has so many up and down like the wave.  Sometime this up and down is too strong that it breaks u into piece which never become one. 

The sun set is nice as it’s rise early in morning. It set so beautifully where people wish it may stay like that. Whereas love at this stage is end of the irrevocably and unconditional love. People change as it’s wave and feeling become up and down with various circumstance so it’s break like sun set. 

Sun dies every night to let moon to alive like where people sacrifice their love for sake of other.